About Tony Tharae

Filmmaker. Artist. Creative Director.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose, because I don’t think there’s one title for all the things I’ve been, or that I’d like to be. I designed the first-ever online MP3 store for SONY Music (back when some people still weren’t sure “if this online music fad would stick.”) I rebranded the Henry Ford Museum, created animation work for MTV, and helped design a museum for Qualcomm. I’ve provided design consultation to some of the largest agencies, companies and philanthropic organizations in the world. I’ve helped build and rebuild brands for clients from Allergan to Morgan Stanley. But truth be told, I’m primarily interested in story, in any and all of its forms.

I’m always interested in collaborating with like-minded people, so if you’ve got an idea for something interesting, feel free to reach out.

All images copyright Tony Tharae. All rights reserved.